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What should I expect after I sign up with Texas Protax?

What should I expect after I sign up with Texas Protax?

We believe that our clients should have to do the least amount of work possible – that’s why you hired professionals!

Once you sign up with us, we take care of everything. We will file the protest, do the research on your property, and attend the hearing on your behalf.

If you have any information about your property that you want your agent to review, you can send it to us by filling out our Request for Information. You will receive the questionnaire by email shortly after your account is activated, then annually in February or March. It gives you the opportunity to let your agent know anything about your property that you think could help lower the value. You can also email any information, documents, photographs, or questions to

The questionnaire is optional so if you don’t have any information to add, no worries – your agent will prepare their own research for the hearing! Agents won’t typically reach out to clients unless there is something specific that they have questions about.

Hearings begin in April and continue through August. Your agent attends hearings at the Appraisal District during the day so they can be tough to get in touch with during normal business hours. We do have licensed property tax consultants working in our office who you can talk to while your agent is in hearings if you have any questions or concerns.

You should receive the results of your hearing by email usually the next business day after it is held. You can check the status of your protest at any time by logging into your client portal account here. The portal also allows you to upload photos and documents, update your contact information, or pay your bill online.

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