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Texas Weather Event 2023

Individuals who suffered property damage as a result of the 2023 ice storm can use Travis County’s exemption estimate calculator for help understanding how this exemption may impact their property’s taxable value. This declaration allows property owners who suffered damages to their properties during the storm to apply for a Temporary Exemption Property Damage by Disaster. The deadline to apply for this temporary exemption is May 22, 2023.


Travis County property owners may be eligible for a temporary disaster-related exemption to help lower their property taxes if their property was damaged during this year’s ice storm.

According to Travis Central Appraisal District Chief Appraiser Marya Crigler, “Property owners who suffered damage to buildings, mobile homes, or business personal property during the recent ice storm may be eligible for a temporary break on their 2023 property taxes.”

Tax Code Section 11.35 allows for a chief appraiser to determine if a property qualifies for a temporary exemption based on a damage assessment rating of Level I, II, III, or IV. To qualify, a property must have suffered damage that totals a minimum of 15% of the property’s improvement value. The amount of the exemption is determined by multiplying the property’s improvement value, after applying the assessment rating, to a fraction comprised of the days remaining in the tax year after the governor has declared a disaster divided by 365.

disaster table chart

Damage to landscaping or trees on a property cannot be included in determining eligibility for the exemption. The temporary exemption lasts until the property is reappraised.

Added Crigler, “Travis County property owners will spend the next few months assessing damage and rebuilding their homes and businesses. This temporary exemption can offer some property tax relief during this difficult time.”

The deadline to apply for a temporary exemption related to the ice storm is May 22, 2023. Property owners must complete an application and submit it to TCAD by mail, in person (850 East Anderson Lane), or online. More information, including a calculator to help property owners estimate if they qualify for this exemption, can be found on the TCAD website at www.traviscad.org/disasters.

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Scenario 1

If the chief appraiser determined the property to have received a Level 1 Damage Assessment (-15%) the taxable value would be $135,000 (($100,000 x 0.85) + land value) for the dates February 14th through December 31st 2021.

Scenario 2

If the chief appraiser determined the property to have received a Level 1 Damage Assessment (-15%) the taxable value would be $135,000 (($100,000 x 0.85) + land value) for the dates February 14th through December 31st 2021.

property tax austin

Appraisal District Exemption Calculator

The chief appraiser must send written notice of the approval, modification or denial of the application to the applicant no later than five days after making the determination. The temporary disaster area exemption expires on Jan. 1 of the first tax year in which the property is reappraised.

Texas Protax is NOT responsible for the filing of the application; however, we are available to assist with questions.
Visit https://comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/property-tax/county-directory to find the contact information and mailing address of your county.

Note: If you suffered damages during the storm (more than 15%) and you have started the renovations on your property you can still qualify for the exemption.

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