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When dealing with property taxes, results speak louder than words. Go with the undisputed leader; choose Texas Protax.

Again and again, Texas Protax produces superior results around Austin in Travis and Williamson Counties – saving our clients millions they would otherwise have to pay in property taxes. Texas Protax saved our Austin clients more than a billion dollars in property value. We reduced property taxes more than $24 million. That’s money in your pocket!

Texas Protax obtained reductions in 80.75% of our residential and commercial appeals versus other agents only 75.89% of their appeals.

Texas Protax achieved over 30% greater reductions in residential property value than all other Austin tax agents combined. The following statistics prove the value our customers receive.

  • Taxpayers Representing Themselves
  • Texas Protax Cusotmers
  • Other Firms

Marketshare Leader

We lead Travis County in properties worth $1 million or more.

Out of the 4,318 such properties:

  • 34% were represented by Protax
  • 12% were represented by all other firms combined
  • 54% represented themselves
Texas Protax
Other Firms
Representing Themselves

Highest Success Rate

Of these residential properties appraised at over one million dollars, Texas Protax has by far the highest success rate in lowering your property taxes. Only 14% of those who represented themselves received a tax reduction. We lead the industry with an 87% success rate!

  • Texas Protax
  • Other Firms

The Largest Reductions

Not only do we succeed more often, but Texas Protax succeeds in obtaining larger tax reductions. Our 7.66% average reduction of residential property values equated to an average tax savings of $1,180.09. All other tax agents combined average only 5.88% when they are lucky enough to even obtain a reduction.

  • Texas Protax
  • Other Agent Success

Texas Protax Obtained 59% of all the successful residential appeals by agents in Travis County in 2012.

Source: TCAD Certified Appraisal Roll 2012

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