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As Tax Protests Begin, Travis Central Appraisal District Catches Heat

June 7, 2019, Austin Chronicle

Bill Aleshire, a lawyer for Texas Protax Austin Inc. – and formerly the county judge and, before that, the county’s tax assessor-collector – is calling the cancellation of informal hearings a “train wreck” decision made by…

Travis ARB Chair calls for a “do-over” after a day of property tax protests

June 5, 2019, KXAN BY Alyssa Goard

Bill Aleshire, an attorney for tax firm Texas Protax, said that many Protax agents Tuesday found themselves waiting for hours before they were called into hearings. “I just think it’s horrible that taxpayers have to have money wasted in the tax collection process,” he said. …

Action Ramps Up in Appraisal District Suit

December 17, 2018, Austin Monitor By Jo Clifton

Protax had requested “copies of the notices of the meetings, the minutes of the meetings, and any backup or explanatory material that was provided to the board members for the meetings and the secretary’s notes

159 Property Owners Sue Appraisal Review Board Over Protest Hearings

October 9, 2018, KXAN BY Kate Winkle

say they want their appraisal protests to have a hearing, as the law requires, and want monetary relief of $100,000.

How to Size Up Your Property Tax Assessment

September 9, 2018, USA Today BY Hal Bundrick

…“That absolutely can happen,” says Debra Bawcom, senior property tax consultant at Texas Protax in Austin, Texas. Your property might be incorrectly valued if a jurisdiction has documented the wrong number of bedrooms, bathrooms or square footage in your house, she adds. …

Lawsuit Seeks Property Tax Hearings

December 17, 2018, Austin Bulldog BY Ken Martin

The suit was brought by more than 150 property owners and two professional tax consulting companies (Texas ProTax-Austin Inc…

Judge Dismisses Austin’s Lawsuit Over Commercial Property Appraisals

September 4, 2016, Austin-American Statesman

TCAD not giving taxpayers timely hearings

November 16, 2018, Austin Monitor   By Jo Clifton

An employee of Protax, one of the tax preparation companies suing TCAD, said, “Normally we settle about 90 percent of our hearings informally.”…