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Does my agent need anything from me before the hearing?

Below is a list of helpful documents which may aid in the appeal:

  • If the property was purchased, listed, or appraised in the last 24 months then we would like copies of the fee appraisal and signed settlement statement.
  • Commercial property owners should send in rent rolls and year-end operating statements.
  • If any major damage has occurred to the property, please send in repair estimates or receipts.
  • Construction costs for any new structures or renovations.
  • A few representative photos of general areas of the property that are in disrepair.
How can I get you information about my property?

The annual Questionnaire is available via your Property Info tab on the portal. This is an optional questionnaire that gives our clients the opportunity to let us know anything about your property that you think may help your agent achieve the best possible reduction.

You can attach documents (such as your settlement statement, an appraisal, repair estimates or receipts, pictures of damage, etc.) or choose not to complete the questionnaire if no changes have been made.

You can also upload information to us any time throughout the year using the Documentation tab on your portal. The sooner you send us the information the better.

I have pictures, how do I send them to you?

Please upload pictures via the Documentation tab. You can identify the property address for the pictures via the property selection. We do not accept .png files.

Will I still receive my Notice?

Despite our best effort to work with the Appraisal Districts to change this policy, the Appraisal Districts are now only sending a copy of the Notice of Appraised Value to the agent on file. We will forward the copies to our clients by email as soon as we are able to do so. Be on the lookout for these in late Spring. Notice values are also available online in April of each year at each respective District’s website.

Can I come to the hearing?

Our agents each have thousands of hours of appeal experience and have carefully prepared the best evidence for each file structured to maximize results. Clients attending hearings often unnecessarily complicates an appeal by volunteering new, inferior or immaterial evidence which hamper our collective productivity. Because we do not have time to rehearse our team presentation with each client, we ask that you leave the hearing to us, the licensed professionals who have a vested interest in obtaining the greatest possible reduction.

How is an agent selected for my property?

Our agents specialize in different neighborhoods and property types to ensure that each property gets the best representation possible. If you have multiple properties with us then it is likely different agents will be assigned. If necessary, you may choose to have one person as your point-of-contact to coordinate with all of your agents.

If I have an appraisal done, will that help?

If your appraisal was performed within the last 24 months, please upload using the Documentation tab on your portal! Not all appraisals are helpful, but it is always good for the agent to have as much information to work with as possible.

Why does my house have the highest price per square foot compared to neighbors?

There can be both legitimate and illegitimate reasons for being the highest price per square foot in a neighborhood. An example of a legitimate reason would be that the home is the smallest in the neighborhood. Mass appraisal models will always value smaller homes at a higher unit price and a lower total value than larger comparable homes. An example of a possibly illegitimate reason would be a property’s depreciation schedule was altered or overridden to produce a notice value closer to the recent sale price.

If I don’t like the hearing results, what can I do?

In most cases, the result is final. If you feel that a major detail about your property or evidence that you provided was not fully considered, please give us a call or send us an email to have an agent take another look at it. In some cases, there is simply no evidence to support a reduction. Hard to believe, but on occasion, the District has either undervalued a property or all of the evidence supports their initial proposal.

I want to cancel your service, how do I make you stop?

The easiest way to close your account is by selecting the Contact Us option on your portal. Select “Close Account” to relay your request for cancellation.


When will you bill me?

Our Year-End Summary and Invoices are sent via email in the fall/winter months around the same time you should receive your tax bill. Tax statements are usually published in late October/November. We wait until tax rates are published to confirm final taxes, savings and our fee, if any.

How do I pay you?

We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express by phone or portal submission. All credit/debit card transactions are subject to a 3% transaction fee. Alternatively, you may mail a check or select a bill-pay option through your banking institutions to the PO Box listed below.

P. O. Box 140025 Austin, Texas 78714-0025

Please include your client ID and invoice number on the check to avoid a returned payment.

When are my taxes due?

The deadline to pay your taxes is January 31st each year (or the next business day if January 31st falls on a weekend or holiday).

If you receive your tax bill after January 10th, you have a later due date which will be indicated on the bill. If you are over the age of 65, you are eligible to apply for tax payment deferral (although you will still accrue penalty & interest).

If you do not receive a tax bill in the mail, it is still your responsibility to make sure that you pay your bill on-time. Tax bills are available to view online at any time by searching your county’s Tax Office website here.

How do I know you saved me money?

Tax savings can be seen in the difference between the taxable value on your Notice of Appraised Value vs. your actual tax bill. We calculate the taxes due based on the Notice value with the same exemption discounts (if applicable) and tax rates that are calculated on your actual tax bill.

Can I deduct your fee on my tax return?

Consultant fees are eligible to be deducted from your federal income taxes on income-producing properties only.

Who gets my tax bill?

Texas Protax does not receive your tax bill or any communications from the Tax Office. Our authority to represent you only extends to the Appraisal District and their communications. Your tax bill will be mailed to the same address that it has in previous years. Tax bills are mailed to whomever is responsible for paying the actual bill. If you do not receive a tax bill in the mail, it is still your responsibility as a property owner to find out how much you owe and pay it by the January 31st deadline – but we are happy to assist you! Tax bills are all available to be viewed and paid online at your county’s Tax Assessor Collector’s website. Find yours here.

Do I need to sign anything for you to represent me again next year?

Our agreements as we send them out are continuous until you notify us in writing that you no longer need our representation. Most of our agreements provide that we file protest on your behalf every year and will do so automatically so you don’t miss the deadline.


What are exemptions?

An exemption removes part or all of your property value from taxation on qualified properties.

Will you help me with the exemptions I qualify for?

Absolutely! If your property is eligible, we can prepare most exemption applications for you. Please email with the address of the property you’re referencing and we can check to see that you are claiming every exemption that you’re entitled to. There is no fee for filing exemption applications.

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