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I just got my tax bill! Is it too late to file a protest?

I just got my tax bill! Is it too late to file a protest?

Many homeowners are being hit with sticker shock at the size of their tax bills. If you did not file a protest by May 31st this year, it is most likely too late but there are still a few options open if you qualify for one of the late protests below.

Clerical/Characteristic Error (25.25c)

You can back-file a protest for up to 5 tax years if the Appraisal District has a qualifying error on your property.  You must pay your taxes on-time in order to qualify. These types of errors consist of:

  1. Clerical/data entry error – such as transposing numbers, entering an 8 instead of a 5, etc.
  2. Multiple appraisals of your property – such as taxing you for two identical houses when you only have one on your property.
  3. Inclusion of property that does not exist in that form or location – such as taxing you for your neighbor’s pool because of faulty satellite imagery or for a garage that does not exist.
  4. Appraisal District failing to update ownership information leading to a tax bill you are not responsible for.

Substantial Error (25.25d)

You are eligible to file this type of protest if your property was substantially over-appraised. In order to qualify for this protest type, you first have to prove that your property was one-third over-appraised. Multiply your appraised value by 0.75 – you must prove that your property is worth less than this value in order to qualify. (Example: You just paid $300,000 for a property but the Appraisal District appraised it for $400,000.)

You must file your protest before January 31st. You must pay your taxes on-time in order to qualify. There is a 10% penalty for filing a successful 25.25d protest.

Failure to Receive Notice (41.411)

If the Appraisal District never sent you a copy of your Notice of Appraised Value (usually mailed in April) then this could be an option for you. You may qualify if:

  1. You provided the correct mailing address to the Appraisal District and they failed to update it.
  2. Mail was returned to the Appraisal District.
  3. You were a victim of mail theft and have documented evidence from the USPS to prove it.

There are other potential options that are even more rare. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 512-339-6671 or email us at

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