Texas Protax Vs Texas Tax Protest: Who Saves You More Money?

Did you know that Texas ProTax has one of the highest tax protest return rates in the industry? Homeowners in Texas have the right to protest their property tax rate every year, regardless of whether the value of their property went up. However, for homeowners living in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and the major metropolitan areas of Texas, it is almost guaranteed that your property value went up. 

Over the past five years, many Austin homes have increased in value by nearly 90 percent. Many Texas homeowners either do not realize they can protest their property taxes, or are unsure of how to do it on their own. That’s where Texas ProTax comes in. Our team of Texas property tax consultants will research your property, review appraisal district records, appeal your case and advocate for lowering your appraised value. 

While there are a variety of companies that offer property tax protest services, Texas ProTax consistently has the highest percentage of successful appeals, at a rate of 94 percent. When comparing this to companies like Texas Tax Protest (91%) or Resolute Property Tax (77%), it is clear that Texas ProTax gives property owners the best chance at reducing their rates. 

In addition, we also outperform competitors in saving clients the most amount of money through property tax protest. On average, we save homeowners about 5.76%, while similar companies like Texas Tax Protest, Resolute Property Tax, etc. typically save between 1.76% and 3.53%. For a home worth $700,000 in Texas, that’s over $1,000 in savings. Even after we deduct our 40% fee, our clients still save more with us than they would with competitors. Because we collect our fees based on how much we are able to obtain in tax savings, that means when we get paid, you also get paid.

Our dependable results and track record of saving clients more money on their property taxes than any other local tax protest company has earned us the trust of thousands of Texas homeowners. We represented more than half of all agent-filed appeals in Travis County for homes valued over $700K and doubled the number of appeals filed by our closest competitor. 

When you hire Texas Protax, you get experts working on your behalf to appeal your tax bill and save you money. Contact us today to learn more about how we can lower your tax bill and put your hard earned cash back into your pocket. 

Texas Protax is a property tax consulting firm serving Austin, Houston, and Central Texas. Contact us today to learn how we can help you appeal your property tax rate.