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12823269_1050019908397206_2556627812938641080_oThe largest and most successful commercial property tax consulting firm in Central Texas is right here in Austin.

Texas Protax saves businesses nearly 1/2 Billion dollars each year in property value for a total tax savings of more than 12 Million dollars.

It’s smart business to make lowering property tax a high priority.

In 2010, Texas Protax achieved over 72.1% success rate of appeals filed by agents in Travis and Williamson Counties.

Texas Protax obtained reductions in 72.1% of their appeals versus other agents only 65.8% of their appeals.

Texas Protax achieved over 38% greater reductions in property value than ALL other tax agents combined.

Texas Protax is a full-service property tax firm specializing in all aspects of property tax management, including value analysis, budget projections and lawsuit management.

Texas Protax agents have more than 250 years of combined experience in the property tax field. Our vast experience and comprehensive database allow us to develop and present the best case for you.

Don’t waste valuable resources managing property taxes. Let Texas Protax’s aggressive team of experts do it for you.


Our Clients Include

  • A+ FCU
  • Clarion ING
  • Endeavor Real Estate
  • First Texas Honda
  • HPI Real Estate (Hill Partners)
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Lennar Homes
  • Live-Oak Gottesman Group
  • Mercedes Benz of Austin and Georgetown
  • Popeye’s
  • Principal Life Insurance
  • Pulte Homes
  • Riverside Resources
  • Standard Pacific Homes of Texas
  • Texas Association of Counties
  • Texas Association of School Boards
  • University Co-op
  • Zydeco Development

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