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What should I expect after I sign up with Texas Protax?

We believe that our clients should have to do the least amount of work possible – that’s why you hired professionals! Once you sign up with us, we take care of everything. We will file the protest, do the research on your property, and attend the hearing on your behalf. If you have any information about your property that you want your agent to review, you can send it to us by filling out our Request for Information. You will receive [...]


When is the deadline to file a protest?

Short answer: May 15th. The deadline to file a protest each year is May 15th or 30 days after you receive your Notice of Appraised Value – whichever is LATER. That means if you received your Notice of Appraised Value by April 15th, you have until May 15th to file a protest – even if there is an earlier “deadline” printed on your Notice of Appraised Value. Some Appraisal Districts print misleading “deadlines” in order to get people to file protests earlier [...]


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