Houston Property Tax

Property taxes are local taxes paid by property owners based on the value of their residential or commercial property, including land. While Texas does not have state property tax, the local governments across the state set rates and collect property tax.

The property taxes collected by local governments in Texas are the primary source of funding for public schools, street maintenance, police, and other essential government services. Every year the appraisal district in each Texas county assesses the value of residential and commercial to determine how much the owner owes in property taxes.

In general, Texans face high property taxes compared to the rest of the country. Because the state does not collect income taxes, it relies more heavily on property taxes to fund important public services. The property tax rates in Houston and Harris County are among the highest in the state. The 2021 property tax rate in Houston is $0.581 per $100 of value, effectively a 2.87% decrease from the year before.

If you own property in Houston, Texas or are considering purchasing property here, read on for five things to know about Houston property tax.

  • According to the Texas Comptroller, single family homes have been rising in value since 2021, which results in rising property taxes.
  • You have the right to appeal your property tax rate. If you are not satisfied with the valuation of your property by your local appraisal district, you can submit a protest and attempt to lower your rate.
  • Your property may be subject to taxation from several sources, such as a county government, local school districts and special taxing districts—such as special hospital or water districts.
  • In Houston, the median property value is $304,000 while the median property taxes paid is $5,075.
  • There are several exemptions, such as the Homestead exemption, that can help Houston property owners reduce their taxes. You can file for an exemption in January-April.

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