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What is involved in a property tax appeal?

What is involved in a property tax appeal?

There are numerous steps in appealing your property’s value for any given year, this is the condensed version:

  • File a written protest by June 1st with the Appraisal District
  • Research Appraisal District records, review their data to understand how your property is classified
  • Research Appraisal District Records to obtain sales comparables and equity comparables in your Appraisal District Neighborhood
  • Prepare a presentation appropriately adjusting the comparables
  • Travel to the Appraisal District, wait in hall (sometimes for hours) to be called for your informal meeting with Appraisal District staff
  • If an agreement was not reached informally, travel back to the Appraisal District to attend your Formal hearing, under oath, in front of the Appraisal Review Board

Texas Protax can handle all of this for you!

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