What is involved in a property tax appeal?

There are numerous steps in appealing your property’s value for any given year, this is the condensed version: File a written protest by May 31st with the Appraisal District Research Appraisal District records, review their data to understand how your property is classified Research Appraisal District Records to obtain sales comparables and equity comparables in your Appraisal District Neighborhood...
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I believe my property value is already conservative, so why should I appeal?

Your property value may not be equitable with similar properties. Inequality is often a basis for a reduction.
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Should I hire a professional to handle my property tax appeal?

Yes, Property Tax Consultants are knowledgeable of the property tax appeal process and procedures. You would hire a tax consultant the same reason you would hire an accountant for your tax returns or an attorney for a lawsuit; you want a professional who has intimate knowledge of tax laws and appraisal district procedures/information. Texas Protax agents have over 200...
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I believe the market value of my property is higher than the appraised value from the Appraisal District, why should I protest?

Another option exists to protest value: unequal appraisal. A qualified property tax professional can help determine if your property is unequally valued to similar properties. A significant percentage of Texas Protax successful appeals are based on equity which does not involve market value. Contact Texas Protax at 512-339-6671 or by email at info@texasprotax.com and we can tell you if...
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Deadline to File a Protest for is May 31

Deadline to File a Protest for 2011 is May 31 Don’t wait until the last minute to inquire about our services.  See if we can help you lower your property taxes this year.  Send us an email at info@texasprotax.com or call us at 512-339-6671.
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